Contemporary Christian Music

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For those of you who haven’t tried listening to Contemporary Christian music yet; here’s your chance to find an artist that sounds a little like your favorite secular artist.  Below is a cross reference of popular secular artists to Christian artists that have a similar sound.


This list originally appeared in an old issue of CCM Magazine.  I’ve added to it and updated it through the years.


If you find a Christian artist that you’d like to check out before making a purchase – just look for them on the WEB.  They usually have sample sound bites at their websites.  Or, you can go to “youtube”, search on their name and usually find a full length song to listen to.  This is also a handy list to find Christian music for your children.


Please leave a comment if you have any further additions or corrections.


If you or they like…

then try


Petra*, Building 429*, Big Daddy Weave*, David Crowder Band*

Alanis Morissette

The Benjamin Gate, Rebecca St. James*, Nicole Nordeman*


Tree63*, Telecast, Kutless*

Ashlee Simpson

Stacie Orrico, Krystal Meyers, Inhabited, ZOEGirl, Barlow Girl

Back Street Boys

Brian Littrell*, Leeland*, FFH*, the Katina’s*, Paul Coleman Trio*, Philips Craig & Dean*

Ben Folds

The Straw Theory, The Swift

Billy Joel

Mark Schultz*, Michael W. Smith*, Josh Bates*, Aaron Shust*, Bebo Norman*, Brian Litrell*, Rich Mullins*

Black Eyed Peas

LA Symphony, Liquid, Newsboys*,  Kutless*

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Sanctus Real, Luna Halo


Hangnail, Slick Shoes

Bon Jovi

Petra*, Stryper, Brenton Brown*, Charlie Hall*, Leeland*,  Kutless*

Bright Eyes

Starflyer 59, Aaron Sprinkle

Britney Spears

Jump5, Rachael Lampa, Stacie Orrico, Nicole Nordeman*

Carole King

Sara Groves*, Nicole Nordeman*, Amy Grant*, Kathryn Scott*

Celine Dion

Crystal Lewis, Point Of Grace, Nicole Nordeman*, Amy Grant*, Avalon*, Selah*, Kathryn Scott*


Sleeping at Last, Telecast, Ten Shekel Shirt, Shane & Shane*, Brenton Brown*, Charlie Hall*, FFH*, the Katina’s*


Mae, Holland, Telecast

Counting Crows

Caedmon’s Call*, Everman, Silers Bald, Newsboys*,  Kutless*


12 Stones, Todd Agnew*, Big Dismal, Building 429*, FFH*

Creedance Clearwater

FFH*, Newsboys*, Casting Crowns*, David Crowder Band*, Pcoket Full of Rocks*


Phillips Craig & Dean*, Leeland*, the Katina’s*, Matt Redman*, Pocket Full of Rocks*

Dashboard Confessional

Anberlin, Emery, Further Seems Forever

Dave Matthews Band

Big Daddy Weave*, Caedmon’s Call*, David Crowder Band*, Shane & Shane*, Bebo Norman*, Newsboys*

Death Cab for Cutie

The Juliana Theory, Further Seems Forever

Destiny’s Child

Stacie Orrico, Out of Eden, Rizen, Trin-i-tee 5:7


Nichole Nordeman*, Sarah Sadler

Don Henley

Steven Curtis Chapman*, Mark Schultz*, Todd Agnew*, Aaron Shust*, Bebo Norman*, Brenton Brown*, FFH*, Matt Maher*


Telecast, Sleeping At Last

Duran Duran

The Echoing Green, Newsboys*,  Kutless*


MercyMe*, Casting Crowns*, Philips Craig & Dean*, Newsboys*, the Katina’s*, Rich Mullins*

Elton John

Michael W. Smith*, The Swift, Bebo Norman*, Brenton Brown*, Matt Maher*


KJ-52, John Reuben, Verbs, TobyMac

Enrique Iglesias

Freddie Colloca, Motivo, Salvador


Joy Electric, Fine China, Elkland

Eric Clapton

Lincoln Brewster*, Shane & Shane*,  Kutless*

Foo Fighters

Holland, Switchfoot, Jars of Clay*, Kutless*

Gavin DeGraw

Across the Sky, Shawn Groves*, Andrew Peterson

George Strait

Randy Travis*, Chris Rice*

Gloria Estefan

Motivo, Jaci Velasquez*

Goo Goo Dolls

Audio Adrenaline*, Detour 180, FFH*, the Katina’s*

Green Day

Relient K, Hawk Nelson, FM Static, Stellar Kart, Avalon*, Selah*, FFH*, Newsboys*,  Kutless*

Gwen Stefani

Superchic[k], Daniel’s Window

Howie Day

Warren Barfield, Bebo Norman*

James Taylor

Bebo Norman*, Chris Rice*, Brian Doerksen*, Paul Baloche*, Matt Redman*

Janet Jackson

Patty Cabrera, Stacie Orrico

Jason Mraz

Warren Barfield, Bebo Norman*, Shawn Groves*

Jennifer Lopez

Ileana Garces, Jaci Velasquez*

Jessica Simpson

Rachael Lampa, Joy Williams*, Kathryn Scott*


Jennifer Knapp, Nichole Nordeman*, Jill Paquette, Nicole Nordeman*, Amy Grant*, Kathryn Scott*

Jimmy Buffet

Chris Tomlin*, Chris Rice*, Michael W. Smith*, Josh Bates*, Bebo Norman*, Brenton Brown*, Matt Redman*, Matt Maher*

Jimmy Eat World

Bleach, FM Static, Hangnail,  Kutless*

John Mayer

Shawn Groves*, Bebo Norman*, Andrew Peterson, Rich Mullins*

Johnny Lang

Lincoln Brewster*

Joni Mitchell

Sara Groves*, Kathryn Scott*

Kanye West

T-Bone, Grits, tobyMac, dcTalk

Kid Rock

P.O.D., tobyMac

Lenny Kravitz

All Together Separate, Fusebox, Tait


Big Dismal, Jeremy Camp*, Tait

Linkin Park

38th Parallel, Justifide, PAX217

Liz Phair

Krystal Meyers, Sarah Hart

Mariah Carey

Jeremy Camp*, Chris Tomlin*, Kathryn Scott*

Maroon Five

Across the Sky, David Crowder Band*, Casting Crowns*, Newsboys*

Matchbox Twenty

By The Tree, Jeremy Camp*, The Waiting, FFH*, , Matt Redman*

Melissa Etheridge

Jennifer Knapp, BarlowGirl, ZOEGirl

Michael Bolton

Bob Carlisle, Russ Lee, Jeremy Camp*, Jermy Riddle*

Michelle Branch

Charmaine, Erin O’Donnell, Sarah Sadler


apt. core, The Echoing Green, Andy Hunter

My Chemical Romance

Further Seems Forever, Slow Coming Day

Natalie Merchant

LaRue, Jennifer Knapp


Pillar, Thousand Foot Krutch, Leeland*, Newsboys*

No Doubt

Daniel’s Window, Superchic[k]

Norah Jones

Ginny Owens*, Jill Paquette, Nicole Nordeman*, Jennifer Knapp, Ashley Cleveland, Kathryn Scott*


Delirious?*, Phil Joel


Cross Movement, Ill Harmonics, Verbs

Phil Collins

Steven Curtis Chapman*, Mark Schultz*, Michael W. Smith*, Delirious?, Jeremy Riddle*, Matt Redman*


Daniel’s Window, Stacie Orrico


Souljahz, Tonex


Third Day*, The Waiting


Cool Head Luke, Delirious?*, Sleeping At Last,  Kutless*

Rage Against the Machine


Rob Thomas

Jeremy Camp*, MercyMe*, Jermy Riddle*, Matt Maher*

Rod Stewart

Todd Agnew*

Ryan Cabrera

Rachael Lampa, Crystal Lewis, Joy Williams


Motivo, Salvador, Israel Houghton & the New Breed,  Kutless*

Sarah McLachlan

Sara Groves*, Kelly Minter, Jill Paquette

Savage Garden

Ash Mundane, Newsboys*


Fusebox, Tait, Leeland*


Patty Cabrera, Ileana Garces, Jaci Velasquez*

Sheryl Crow

Jennifer Knapp, LaRue, ZOEGirl, BarlowGirl

Sugar Ray

Audio Adrenaline*, By The Tree, Tree63*

The Beatles

Aduio Adrenline*, Big Daddy Weave*, MercyMe*, FFH*, the Katina’s*

The Cranberries

The Benjamin Gate, Sixpence None the Richer,  Kutless*

The Killers

David Crowder Band*, The Echoing Green,  Kutless*

The Rolling Stones

The Elms, Rock ‘n’ Roll Worship Circus, Stereo Motion, Audio Adrenline*, Casting Crowns*, MercyMe*, FFH*

The Wallflowers

Everman, Third Day*, FFH*

The White Stripes

The Elms, Sanctus Real

The Who

The Elms, Rock ‘n’ Roll Worship Circus, Stereo Motion, MercyMe

Three Doors Down

Third Day*, Day of Fire

Tim McGraw

Randy Travis*, Paul Baloche*

Tom Petty

The Elms, Rock ‘n’ Roll Worship Circus, MercyMe*, Casting Crowns*, Brenton Brown*, Newsboys*


By The Tree, Everyday Sunday, MercyMe*, Casting Crowns*


Everyone, Telecast


Dakona, Delirious?*, Tree63*, Casting Crowns*, Charlie Hall*, Newsboys*

Vertical Horizon

downhere, Jars of Clay*


Ace Troubleshooter, Bleach,  Kutless*

Whitney Houston

Yolanda Adams, Nicole C. Mullen*, Nicole Nordeman*, Kathryn Scott*






* = Artists I’ve heard and recommend