Ministry Tool – Where to Find Free, Legal, Sheet Music

Ministry Tool – Where to Find Free, Legal, Sheet Music

Featured Website:

You need to check out this website, if you haven’t already found it on your own.  It’s an incredible resource.  They post free sheet music, anywhere from 3 to 10 songs per month at their site.  It’s usually contemporary music but I’ve seen them post new arrangements of hymns as well.  The site requires two things from you.  First, you have to register.  It’s free and they don’t bother you with email.  Second, you need to download a free program called “Scorch” which is produced by a company called Sibelus.  This is the program that you will need to view the free sheet music and to print it.  The program even allows you to transpose the music into different keys to suit your singing and playing abilities.

The instructions to download this program are shown at “worshiptogether” but you can also do it here:

Another great feature of this site is their little applet called the “new song jukebox.”  If you click on this, a player will load that enables you to listen to the free songs that you’ve just obtained as performed by the original artists.

If this isn’t enough, they offer one additional freebie.  It’s called the “New Song Cafe”.  Launch this and you will see the original recording artist explain one of the featured songs and they’ll even show you how to play it in the form of a video.

This is a priceless resource for all Pastors, Worship Leaders and Muisicans.  Check it out now or pass the site along to the guitarists and keyboard players in your church.

Finally – It’s always a good idea to report usage through your CCLI licenses!