I’m dedicating this poem to a BLOG reader named Andrew who wrote to me recently for permission to use some other poetry on this BLOG site because a truck had crashed into their worship facility demolishing a wall.  Andrew had turned to the book of Nehemiah for some encouragement.

Noah would build that great big ark

Abraham would journey far

Paul would turn the world upside down

The kings would follow yonder star


Moses would lead an entire nation

Nehemiah would rebuild a wall

Peter would be a fisher of men

The apostles would answer the call


David would be a warrior King

Jonah would preach to a nation

John would write of the future

that would reveal our final destination


Jesus would come as promised

And would please His father above

The Father in turn, would offer His son

To all, a free gift, of His awesome love

Here’s the link to the original post that prompted this post: