Worship Priorities

Worship Priorities

I was thinking about our worship recently, and was wondering what priority the bible puts on certain worship-related practices as a guide for what we should be doing.  Here’s what I found, listed in the order of biblical occurrences (NIV):

                                    Number of Occurrences


Love, Loving                            540

Offering                                    492

Praising                                    312

Prayer, Petition                        134

Teaching                                   119

Singing                                      107

Bowing                                     101

Reading                                    69

Shouting                                   59

Comforting Each Other             44

Repenting                                 39

Lamenting                                 32

Baptize/ism                               29

Exalting                                    28

Rejoicing                                  24

Fasting                                     24

Confessing                               22

Dancing                                    20

Lord’s Supper                          12

Kneeling                                   7

Clapping                                   6

Lifted Hands/Arms                   2

Speaking in Tongues                 2

Admonishing each other            2


Take it for what it’s worth; in my book Communion wins out over liturgical dancing!

What types of instruments we should be using:


Voices                                      186

Trumpet                                   64

Strings (Harp, Lyre, etc.)          46

Horns                                       36

Flute                                         14

Tambourine                              5


Pretty interesting results I would say.  Perhaps this would be a good start for a bible class topic!