When Peace Like a River … It is Well!

In February, we will be introducing a new hymn to our congregation from the ”Lutheran Worship” Hymnal Supplement.  The hymn is entitled “When Peace Like a River” although the rest of the Christian world knows this hymn as “It is Well.”  By way of introduction, we will be using a “Bluefishtv” video that describes the background of the hymn.  This is available as a download from bluefishtv for just $1.99.  You can view the video here before deciding to purchase, or just watch it for your own edification:




Following this video, our keyboard/guitar duet will sing a new arrangement of this hymn made popular by Jeremy Camp from the soundtrack to the recent movie entitled “Amazing Grace.”  Finally, after the video and the singing of the newer arrangement, the congregation will sing the hymnal version, which is song #760 in the supplement.  We plan to also accompany this version with keyboard and guitar but it works fine with the organ as well.


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    1. Steve, we are doing the same at our church this Sunday as well. I think that the video helps to prepare our hearts and minds to what we are about to sing and to whom we are singing to.


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