A worship coordinator at ”Living Word Lutheran Church” in Waukesha, Wisconsin contacted me recently to share a WEB resource that he has been working on.  His band is called the “Heralds” and he has been building a library of music which is basically a collection of hymns from our Lutheran Hymnal (Christian Worship) that he has added Praise band accompaniment notation to, including guitar chords and some have bass guitar as well.  His library is large and still growing.  You will need some software known as “Finale” to read and print music from his site but this is a free download which you can get by following this link:



(choose “Finale Reader” as the product)


The website of new hymn arrangements can be found at this link:




Pastors – please consider sharing this BLOG post with your musicians; especially those “closet guitarists” who have not yet used their musical gifts to bring glory to His name.