Which Contemporary Songbook?

Which Contemporary Songbook?

Has your church considered using a contemporary songbook to supplement your hymnal?  These books are great for fellowship events, teen and youth outings, or the occasional contemporary or blended worship service.  I’d like to highlight two good songbook candidates; we use both at Messiah.  The first is an NPH product called “Let All the People Praise You” (LAPPY).  The advantages of this book are:


  1. The song lyrics have been reviewed by WELS personnel.
  2. The Pew songbooks include full piano score notation.
  3. The spiral binder is rugged.
  4. The songs have been simplified for congregational singing (typically the bridges have been omitted)

 The disadvantages of this book are:


  1. Most of the songs don’t include guitar chords.
  2. Those that do include chords, have not been transcribed with CAPO recommendations for keys that are difficult to play on the guitar.. 

Here is a link to this songbook:


The second songbook that I would recommend is “the Best of the Best in Contemporary Praise and Worship” (BOB).

The advantages of this book are:


  1. Full guitar notation.
  2. All songs have been transcribed into guitar friendly chords.

The disadvantages are:

  1. The “perfect bound” book style for the pew edition is not as rugged as the NPH product.
  2. The pew editions have only lead sheets (melody notation).

 Here is a link to this songbook:


If you haven’t made a purchase yet, my recommendation would be to go with the LAPPY songbook if you only have piano accompaniment but go with the BOB songbook if you have guitars as well.


I was wondering how many WELS churches are using these products.  Would you consider taking an anonymous poll by following this link (it’s 3 questions and takes less than one minute)?



3 thoughts on “Which Contemporary Songbook?”

  1. I would also recommend the Keith Getty songbooks: “In Christ Alone” (10 songs) and “Getty Hymn Supplement” (20 songs) which can be purchased at gettymusic.com. Most of Keith Getty songs have great lyrics and melodies with solid Gospel and Biblical messages. (The only song I found questionable is “God of Grace” which seems to have a “Reformed/Calvinist” phrase in the first line.)


  2. Another good songbook for contemporary music that is Gospel focused is SovereignGrace.com “worship” “songsdatabase” which is a website that allows you to search by topic (Jesus or Gospel or forgiveness etc) and then see the song titles, read the lyrics, listen to 30 seconds of the songs, print out the lead sheet free, print out the piano version for $0.99, or download the MP3 song.


  3. Another good songbook resource is EmuMusic.com. This resource has over 100 Biblical / Gospel based contemporary songs that include the lyrics, a song sample, MP3 downloads ($0.99) , and sheet music ($0.99).


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