How the Digital TV Transition Might Affect Your Wireless Mics

How the Digital TV Transition Might Affect Your Wireless Mics


I’m not sure where the US stands on the 2/17 Digital TV transition as I’ve heard some rumors that it might be postponed.  If it does happen on 2/17 as planned, those of you that use wireless microphones or in-ear monitors need to look at the operating frequency range of your devices.  If they operate in the 700MHz band, you will need to replace them.  This is described on the Shure website here:


As I understand the situation, if you do have 700MHz in-ear monitors, they will stop working completely and your microphones will sporadically drop-out if they also operate in the 700 MHz range.  All brands of wireless microphones operating in the 700MHz band will be affected.  I’m only commenting on Shure because they have addressed the situation on their website.


The good news is that Shure will offer rebates of up to $1,000 to upgrade your wireless equipment.  See details at this website:


I’m told that any wireless microphones purchased before 2/1/2007 are potentially affected.


If you’re currently shopping for new wireless equipment, stay out of the 700 MHz range and look for products that operate in the 500-600 MHz band.  Be sure to ask the salesperson if the new equipment is compatible with the upgrade.