A few of My Favorite Contemporary Song Choices for the Church Year

A few of My Favorite Contemporary Song Choices for the Church Year

For Advent, we play “Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel”

For Christmas, we play “Joy to the World”

For Palm Sunday, we play “All Glory Laud and Honor”

For Easter, we play “Christ, the Lord is Risen Today”

For Trinity, we play “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty”

For Reformation, we play “A Mighty Fortress”

For Thanksgiving, we play ”Now Thank We All Are God”

For Saint’s Triumphant, we play “For All the Saints”


These are all no-brainers; but what about some contemporary “stand-bys”?  Not so easy.  Here’s some help:


Advent: “El Shaddai”* by Michael Card or “Light One Candle”*(B) by Natalie Sleeth

Christmas: stick with Carols and Hymns because that’s what people like and expect to sing.

Epiphany: “One Small Child”*(L) by David Meece or “A Joy Has Dawned”* by Keith Getty or “All Hail King Jesus”*(B) by Dave Moody

Ash Wednesday: “At the Foot of the Cross (Ashes to Beauty)” (1) by Kathryn Scott

Lent: “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us”* by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend, or “Amazing Love”*(B) by Graham Kendrick, or “Above All”*(B) by Paul Baloche and Lenny LeBlanc or “Once Again”*(B) by Matt Redman or “On My Cross” (1) by Jeremy Diebler or “the Power of the Cross”* by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty or “the Coloring Song”*(L) by David Eden

Palm Sunday: “He is Exalted”*(L) by Twila Paris or “We Bow Down”*(B) by Twila Paris

Easter: “Celebrate Jesus”*(B) by Gary Oliver or “On the Thrid Day” (1) by Matt Maher & Marc Byrd, or “Resurrection Hymn”* by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend or “Happy Day” (1) by Tim Hughes

Trinity:“Glorify Thy Name*(B)(L)” by Donna Adkins, or “Father, I Adore You”*(L) by Terry Coehlo, or “Our God Saves” (1) by Paul Baloche, or “Song of Love” (1) by Rebecca St. James

Ascension: “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High” *(B) by Rick Founds

Pentecost: “Holy Spirit” * by Keith Getty or “Shine, Jesus Shine” *(B)(L) by Graham Kendrick or “Revival Fire Fall” *(B) by Paul Baloche

Reformation: don’t do it! J

Thanksgiving: “Give Thanks” *(B)(L) by Henry Smith, or “Forever” (1) by Chris Tomlin

End Times: “Days of Elijah”* by Robin Mark or “Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?” *(B) by Martin Smith

Mission Festival or Friendship Evangelism: “Shout to the North”*(B) by Martin Smith or “We Speak to Nations” (1) by Israel Houghton, or “Here I Am, Lord”*(B) by Daniel Schutte, or “Pass it On”*(L) by Kurt Kaiser, or “People Need the Lord”*(L) by Phill McHugh and Greg Neslon

Baptisms: “Father Welcomes”*(B)(L) by Robin Mann

Communion: “What is This Bread”*(B) by Jean Neuhauser Baue

Stewardship Sunday: “the Heart of Worship”*(B) by Matt Redman, or “Offering” (1) by Paul Baloche, or “You Are” (1) by Mark Roach

Contemporary Arrangements of hymns: “Amazing Grace – My Chains are Gone” (1) by Chris Tomlin, or “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross – the Wonderful Cross” * by Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman, or “Take My Life and Let it Be”* by Chris Tomlin

 Call to Worship: “Here I Am to Worship”* by Tim Hughes

I’d also like to mention two versatile songs that can be used on a number of occasions: “In Christ Alone”* by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend and “Shine Jesus Shine”*(B)(L) by Graham Kendrick.

And finally, I am a fan of responsive songs.  Two of my favorites are “Victory Chant”*(B) by Joseph Vogels and “Lord Most High”*(B) by Don Harris and Gary Sadler.  I like responsive songs because the smallest children can sing along.


* = Congregational Friendly

(1) = Solo or praise band only

(B) = in the “Best of the Best” Songbook

(L) = in the LAPPY songbook

One final note, as a general rule, you can listen to most of these songs by going to http://www.youtube.com and searching on the title of the song enclosed in quotes.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have some favorites!



One thought on “A few of My Favorite Contemporary Song Choices for the Church Year”

  1. Thank you for your list of favorite CCM songs. We are always looking for more good CCM songs for the Lutheran Worship service. I am familiar with many of the songs and I will check the others out in SongTouch (for the tune) and CCLI SongSelect (for the lyrics).

    I think it would be helpful if other musicians sent in their list of favorites in this comments section of this blog, which could be a good and growing resource for finding good CCM songs for blended worship.

    My favorite CCM songs for a blended service are in a file called “CCM Songs.xls” in the widget “shared files” section at the bottom of Steve Brown’s blog (and I thank Steve for adding the CCM Songs database to his blog). The lyrics of the 150 songs are included in the file. You can listen to the tune in SongTouch, which can be accessed from Steve Brown’s blog. The songs by Sovereign Grace can be seen and heard and printed out at SovereignGrace.com, worship, songs database.

    Here are some of my favorites from the 150 songs:

    Across the Lands by Keith Getty
    Always by Steve Green
    Always forgiven by Jonathan Baird (Sovereign Grace)
    Amazing Love by Billy Foote
    Amazing Love by Graham Kendrick
    At the cross by Stephen Altrogge (Sovereign Grace)
    Be it unto me by Don Moen
    Before the cross by Jon Payne (Sovereign Grace)
    Before the throne of God above by Vikki Cook (Sovereign Grace)
    Beneathe the cross by Keith Getty
    Come you saints by Jon Ryan (Sovereign Grace)
    Covenant of Grace by Don Wallace (Sovereign Grace)
    Depth of Mercy by Bob Kauflin (Sovereign Grace)
    Endless Praises by Stephen Altrogge (Sovereign Grace)
    Every day a celebration of His love by DeGarmo and Key
    Every day it starts all over again by Three Bridges
    Every Promise by Keith Getty
    Father Welcomes by Robin Mann
    For me for you by Doug Plank (Sovereign Grace)
    Fullness of Grace by Stuart Townend
    God will make a way by Don Moen
    Grace Unmeasured by Bob Kauflin (Sovereign Grace)
    Greater still by Brian Free
    Hear the call of the kingdom by Keith Getty
    Here at the throne by Mark Altrogge (Sovereign Grace)
    Here is Love by Sovereign Grace
    He’s all you need by Steve Camp
    Hope has come by Stephen Altrogge (Sovereign Grace)
    How deep the Father’s love for us by Stuart Townend
    How majestic by Mark Altrogge (Sovereign Grace)
    I come by the blood by Steve Cook
    I come to the cross by Bill Batstone
    I have a shelter by Bob Kauflin (Sovereign Grace)
    I look up by Mark Altrogge (Sovereign Grace)
    I will glory in my Redeemer by Steve Cook (Sovereign Grace)
    In Christ alone by Keith Getty
    In You alone by Kim Hill
    Jesus my only hope by Sovereign Grace
    Jesus Your name by Keith Getty
    King of Grace by Mark Altrogge (Sovereign Grace)
    Mercies Anew by Sovereign Grace
    Merciful God by Keith Getty
    Mighty, mighty Savior by Sovereign Grace
    My hope rests firm by Keith Getty
    Nothing but the blood by Robert Lowry
    O Church arise by Keith Getty
    Oh the deep deep love of Jesus by Sovereign Grace
    Oh what grace by Zach Jones (Sovereign Grace)
    Only by grace by Gerrit Gustafson
    Only His wounds by Michael Card
    Only in the cross by Sovereign Grace
    Only Your mercy by Scott Wesley Brown
    People need the Lord by Greg Nelson
    Perfect Lamb of God by Adam Sacks
    Ransomed by Jordan Kauflin (Sovereign Grace)
    Standing on the promises by The Martins
    The Glory of the cross by Sovereign Grace
    The Gospel is true by Scott Wesley Brown
    The Power of the cross by Keith Getty
    The precious blood by Peter Gagnon
    There is a higher throne by Keith Getty
    Through the precious blood by Sovereign Grace
    Unashamed by Mark Altrogge (Sovereign Grace)
    We believe by Steve Green
    We rejoice in the grace of God by Steve Cook (Sovereign Grace)
    We sing Your mercies by Mark Altrogge (Sovereign Grace)
    White as snow by Leon Olguin
    Worthy is the Lamb by Darlene Zschech
    You are the way by Pat Sczebel (Sovereign Grace)
    You chose the cross by Martin Layzell

    Once again, the lyrics of these songs are in the CCM Songs.xls database at the bottom of the blog and you can listen to the tunes of most of these songs in the SongTouch link under “Music Resources” in Steve Brown’s blog.


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