You Are

“You Are” by Mark Roach

One of my favorite songs to strum & sing is ”You Are” by Mark Roach.  It does a beautiful job of emphasizing the names and attributes of Jesus.  I will often use it as a pre-service piece to draw our attention towards Jesus, or I’ll play it during the Offering to draw attention to the lyric “you (Jesus) are the reason I make this offering.”


We have chosen this song as another pre-service piece for the upcoming Installation service of Pastor Timothy Ehlers at Messiah Lutheran Church (South Windsor, CT) on 3/8/2009.


If you are a guitarist, Mark Roach, has provided some wonderful resources on youtube.   I now play this song with a cut capo.  If you’ve never used one before, you might want to watch Marks’ instructional video followed by his instructions on how to use the cut capo on “You Are.”  Here are the videos:


How to use the cut capo:

How to play “You Are” with the cut capo:

The finished product: