Trinity Sunday, Isaiah 6, Using Art in Worship

Holy Trinity Sunday falls on June 7 this year.  I’ve already posted about the fact that we will be using “Father, I Adore You” during this service and that a teen will be joining us in the musical accompaniment.

As it turns out, the OT reading for this particular Sunday, according to our Lectionary, is Isaiah 6:1-8, a favorite of mine.  One other thing that we will be doing at this service, and it involves another teen, is to use a piece of art, an original watercolor prepared by a talented young artist in our congregation.  His artwork is a depiction of the Seraphim described in Isaiah’s vision of the Lord in the Temple.  I plan to use his artwork as a talking piece for the children’s message.  We don’t use art much in worship (except for banners), but for the few times that we have, I wished that we could do more of it because the visual perspective is so helpful to me and I assume to others as well.  It’s helpful because it presents God’s word in a visual format, plus it gives us a chance to see people using the gifts that God has given them to glorify the source of all gifts.  In this instance, it brings these magnificent Seraphim to life which is difficult to do through reading.  And in true Lutheran fashion, this young man does not want any notoriety and has expressed his work to remain anonymous.

I don’t know why the Isaiah 6 account is used on Trinity Sunday but recall that the Seraphim were calling to one another “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord Almighty…”; which we will be singing to each other as well in the hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty”  (CW195).

There’s a contemporary song that takes these exact Isaiah 6 words of scripture and masterfully puts them to music.  You can listen to the song entitled “Isaiah 6” by Todd Agnew here:

Also, we happen to use the “Best of the Best” songbook at our church and song # 112, “I See the Lord” by Chris Falson is a wonderful song to be used as a response to the Isaiah 6 reading.


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  1. We are using this passage to teach elementary children about God’s attributes in Isaiah. Would you be willing for me to use a small jpg of the orginal artwork you mentioned above? I have not been able to find anything with angels and 6 wings.
    Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.
    Alexis Morris


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