Sources of Digital Christian Sheet Music

Sources of Digital Christian Sheet Music

Some of the following websites have been mentioned in a variety of my posts as resources to download Contemporary Christian sheet music.  They are listed again here for completeness and convenience:

Lots of music from all sources:

Occasional free sheet music if you subscribe to the website:

Music from Keith Getty & Staurt Townend:

Sovereign Grace Music (Kauflin, Altrogge, Schebel, Steve & Vikki Cook & more):

Paul Baloche:

Pachelbel (FREE) Organ Music:

New Hymn Arrangements (most are free):


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    1. I would not want to get involved in the controversy at Sovereign Grace Ministries. I do not endorse Sovereign Grace Ministries nor do I agree with everything that they teach. We are Lutheran; they are Reformed. But I do like their “songs database” (with songs by Mark Altrogge, Stephen Altrogge, Steve Cooke, Bob Kauflin, etc) which has a lot of good CCM songs with a grace and gospel-centered message — songs that are and can be used in worship services. Charles Wesley also was Reformed songwriter and has 10 hymns in our CW hymnal (out of the 100’s that he wrote). Every song (no matter who wrote it) needs to be evaluated individually for its message and doctrinal correctness.


  1. I have a link to a site which has the music and words for many of the more recent songs of Geoff Bullock – probably the most famous Australian composer of Church music. I have his permission to share it. Would you like me to send it to you?

    Sylvia Griffiths


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