How to Clean Your Acoustic Guitar

How to Clean Your Acoustic Guitar

This is definetly worth watching if you play the acoustic guitar:


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  1. Steve, I am a pastor, contemporary worship leader, band trainer, and guitar teacher. Been doing this for over a decade now, formerly in the Seattle area. A year ago I took a call to Granada in the Caribbean. They are really into lively worship and there are few music teachers on the island. It has been a very good fit so far, but also challenging work.

    Just wanted you to know that I really appreciate all the work that you do with this. It isn’t always something I can use but often it is. Thanks! The guitar cleaning things was very helpful. I have become the island Luthier which is kind of pathetic really.

    One thing I was interested in was how you get the Utube video onto your web site. I blog and would really like to do that once in awhile but have not figured it out.

    Pastor Steve Soukup
    Grace Lutheran Church, Grenada


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