I’ll never leave you, or forsake you

I’ll be with you until the end

In fact, I no longer call you servant

Instead, I call you friend!


The hairs of your head are numbered

I’ll love you like no other

For there is a friend

That sticks closer than a brother.


And I’ll encompass you

I’ll hear your every prayer

You cannot flee from my presence

For I am everywhere.


A friend loves you at all times

So I need to make you see

That I am your invisible ally

And that you’ve got a friend in me.

Poetry by Steve & Bob Brown (my brother)

“What a friend we have in Jesus, All our sins and griefs to bear!’

– Joseph Scriven


One thought on “Friend”

  1. A friend is you share your thoughts, happiness, sad, worries and secret with each other. She/He will always be there when you need her/him. As long as you wish to share your happiness/sorrow. They will always support and give you a listening ear and assistance.


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