Lessons learned from catching a cold

Lessons learned from catching a cold

A cold had recently affected my vocal chords and prevented me from singing in worship…

… I felt like half a worshipper.

I played back-up guitar on one song during this service (How Deep the Father’s Love for Us)…

…I played it well and yet I felt useless.

It was the first time that I accompanied a song without pitching in on the vocals…

… Hopefully it will be the last.

I know that there are probably some great worshippers who do not sing for a variety of reasons.   I know that throughout church history there have been reformers who have tried to stop the church from singing.  I know the story of a Pastor named Mike Pilavachi who actually stopped the singing in his church for one year because people were coming to hear Matt Redman sing as opposed to coming to worship God.  This experience was the well known impetus for Redman’s song titled “the Heart of Worship.”

This cold has taught me how important singing is to my worship of God.  You may be different, but I need singing to keep me focused, active and involved.  I need it to express things to and about God that I otherwise might not.  I need it to join with the other people in church to help express our oneness in faith.

Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.Martin Luther