Broken and Poured Out

Broken and Poured Out

The following video is a re-enactment of the Last Supper recorded at Peace Lutheran Church in St Louis.  The music in the background is performed by a band known as “Sibling Harmony.”   I met a few members of the band through this BLOG and was impressed by their biblically based lyrics, beautiful harmonies and catchy tunes.    This particular song is called “Broken and Poured Out” and is a great song about the Lord’s Supper.  I especially like the time taken during the song to read a few important scripture passages.

You can learn more about the band “Sibling Harmony” here:

The lyrics for “Broken and Poured Out” are available to view here:


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  1. Steve, thanks for sharing this very meaningful re-enactment video and great song! We need more like this! Nancy


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