Two Free Sources for Sheet Music

Two Free Sources for Sheet Music

I have recently come across two websites that offer free original sheet music for use in the church that you might want to consider; one more contemporary, and the other more traditional – both very good.

The first is “True Vine Music” and is operated by a Lutheran Pastor named Michael A. Schmid. I have been familiar with his music for quite some time as his song “Living Stones” is one of the arrangements in the songbooks that our congregation uses. His music is engaging, scriptural, Christ-centered and singable from a congregational viewpoint, but is meant mostly to be accompanied by a praise band type format. He offers a full range of resources including lyric sheets, chord sheets, lead sheets, keyboard, guitar and vocal accompaniment and MP3 recordings of many of the pieces.

If you use his resources, please remember to report usage though CCLI, if your church has a license, so that the author can receive due compensation. Please consider obtaining a CCLI license if your church has not taken this step as of yet, as it is a great and useful resource for your growing musical ministry needs. If you do not have a CCLI license, please contact Pastor Schmid per the instructions on his website to obtain the necessary permissions to use his arrangements.

Pastor Schmid’s website can be found at the following web address:

The second website that I would like to draw your attention to is Church Media Works. They can be found at:

This website offers more traditional arrangements in the form of hymns and psalms set to metrical music but interestingly enough, and to my delight, they have also included guitar chords. The website is run by three Pastors/Musicians/Artists/Songwriters/Poets and you will find their lyrics to be meaty; touching on doctrinal issues, and tightly based on scripture. I have excerpted their copyright information below:
Official permission to use the hymns posted at (including the reproduction of texts and/or musical scores for corporate use) is granted under the following conditions: (a) the hymns are not to be altered in any way, (b) the hymns are to be distributed free of charge, and (c) recognition is to be given to the author and composer. If the hymns are to be used in a formal publication (such as an audio recording, hymnbook, or any project which will be sold), please email your request to pastorchris(at) for permission before use.

Both of these websites are valuable tools for your musical ministry needs and I applaud their generosity and commitment to God’s kingdom.