Scale Chord Exercise

Scale Chord Exercise

If you’ve been with me for several months then you’ve been through the “Chord Chemistry”, the “CAGED System”, have learned a few scales and the “Circle of Fifths.”  It’s now time to put some of this knowledge to use.  Today’s post is a practice session for guitarists that uses the A major scale together with several movable chord shapes as defined in the CAGED system.

As an aside, I have a lot of Pastors who subscribe to this BLOG that have little to no interest in guitar theory.  For this reason, my posts pertaining to guitar theory and techniques are always released on Fridays, so you Pastors out there can ignore or delete your Friday emails from me.  As you’ve probably gathered, my more Pastoral posts are released on Tuesdays.

Back to business.  Shown below is the A major scale.  What we are going to consider today is playing the scale by using chords instead of notes.  And the chords that we will be using are movable chords using a variety of open chord shapes and we’ll do this exercise starting with the A major chord, then the A7 chord and finally for you advanced players, we’ll look at a chord progression using A9 as the starting chord.

A Bm C#m D E F#m G#mb5 A

Here’s the first chord progression starting with A major:

A Bm C#m D E F#m G#mb5 A
02220 224432 446654 557775 779997 244222 4564xx 577655
Basic Open A Shape Am shapeup 2 Am shapeup 4 A shapeUp 5 A shapeUp 7 Em shapeUp 2 Edim shapeup 4 E ShapeUp 5
Bar at 2 Bar at 4 Bar at 5 Bar at 7 Bar at 2 Bar at 4 Bar at 5

Here’s the second chord progression starting with A7:

A7 Bm7 C#m7 D7 E7 F#m7 G#m7b5 A7
02020 224232 446454 x57575 079797 242222 456464 575655
Basic Open A7 Shape Am7 shapeup 2 Am7 shapeup 4 A7 shapeUp 5 A7 shapeUp 7 Em7 shapeUp 2 Edim7 shapeup 4 E7 ShapeUp 5
Bar at 2 Bar at 4 Bar at 5 Bar at 7 Bar at 2 Bar at 4 Bar at 5

And finally, here’s the first chord progression starting with A9:

A9 Bm9 C#m9 D9 E9 F#m9 G#m9b5 A9
x-12-11-12-12-12 797779 9-11-9-9-9-11 X54555 076777 242224 456466 x-12-11-12-12-12

And for you drummers, here’s some words of wisdom from Bob Kauflin’s team on playing the drums in worship: