New to Contemporary Music?

New to Contemporary Music?

If you are new to contemporary music, one of things that might happen is that you, or your members, are going to feel that they are attending a performance as opposed to worship (which of course is a bad thing) , even if everyone is involved, engaged, and singing along.  This happens because contemporary music, especially with a multi-instrument band, sounds more like what we hear on CDs, in concerts, or on the radio, than hymn singing along to a solo instrumentalist.

Rest assured, this is not a performance and contemporary Christian music is very different from pop secular music.  See below.

Secular Music Sacred Music
Music is entertainment Music is worship
Music is a money making industry Music accompanies our offerings to our Lord; and is in fact an offering in and of itself.
Music serves the listener Music serves the Word
Music is an outburst of man Music is an outburst of the soul
Music is used to tell the writer’s story Music is used to tell God’s story, to admonish each other, to teach each other, to offer praises and to pray to God
Music is what feelings sound like Music is what praise sounds like
Music is written by skilled and trained musicians and writers Music is inspired by God
Music is one of the best ways to enjoy the present Music will be sung and enjoyed both now and in eternity
Going to a secular concert is primarily a passive activity; you are there to listen and enjoy Attending worship is an action and you are there to participate, to worship, and you are there to sing among other things

Both hymns and contemporary music can be very worshipful; it really depends on the heart of the person behind the music, the congregation singing the music, and the Holy Spirit.  But it does take a little getting used to, especially for those people who have worshiped with hymns for a long time (and for some of us, it’s from birth!).  We would be well advised to ease into any change, perhaps by starting with a monthly blended routine as opposed to a weekly change.  This is how my church has done it and we are still using a monthly blended service even after five years of doing so.  The bottom line is to strive for continuing worship improvement and we also need to follow our congregation’s gifting and the Holy Spirit’s guidance.  In everything that we do, God needs to get the glory.  Pray!  Pray for wisdom and discernment in choosing music and ask for the Holy Spirit’s involvement.

Father, we are so thankful that you sent the Holy Spirit to inspire song writers of old, and just as thankful that you continue to inspire song writers and artists of this generation.    Amen.