Worship Prep

Worship Prep

As a musician, how do you prepare for worship?

At our recent Branches Concert, I happened to step into our worship sanctuary about an hour before the concert and each musician was sitting alone quietly in their own corner of the room. One or two had a bible open, and others just sat quietly, I assume in prayer.

Musicians that I know, myself included, have their own ritual that they go through in preparation for helping to lead worship. Aside from the set up, sound check and run through, most musicians also take a minute to ask for the Spirit’s blessings and guidance. If I have time, I also like to quickly read through a Psalm that focuses on musical praise; Psalm 150 is a good example. Sometimes I will also read through the song lyrics for the day’s line up. I’ve also seen or heard of other bands that do this together.

This is an important time for musicians. This is the time to look beyond yourself and everything that you’ve been practicing in preparation for the day. This is your time to recognize where your gifts have come from, to ask for help in being a servant and to be blessed and to plead for a smooth congregational worship response.

Many musicians actually have a hard time worshipping on the Sundays that they play because the stress, nerves, and anxiety levels are high. Sometimes during readings, the sermon, or during prayers; the musicians have to be thinking in advance – what’s next?, are my music sheets in order?, do I need a capo for that tune?, are my stops set correctly?, what are we doing for the intro?, etc. Actually, the musicians are worshipping but perhaps in a different way than those seated in the pews.

My advice for musicians would be to embrace this quiet time before worship, even if you have to get there a little earlier because it does make a difference, and you will sound better. If you need a little prayer help, you can read through a special prayer that I’ve written and posted in the past. You can find it here:

Click Here for the Musician’s Prayer