Sermon Feedback


Sermon Feedback


It’s occurred to me that our Pastors don’t get a lot of good feedback on their sermons. They hear a few complaints for sure, but good positive feedback seems to be lacking these days, and I’m talking more than saying “nice sermon.” Our Pastors need to know when their illustrations helped to make a point, when their preaching style has hit home with you, when it sounds like they “mean what they are saying”, when you feel the weight of your sin or the relief of sin forgiven, and when you were able to connect their message to some aspect of your life. 

As a worship leader, I believe that giving feedback in this way helps to develop trust between the Pastor and his worship leader (or head musician if you will). And this is a two way street. Once this trust is established, the feedback goes both ways and God’s kingdom benefits. 

So on your way out of church this Sunday, take a moment, and give your Pastor some positive feedback if appropriate. It will make his day. 

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