What I love about Jesus

What I love about Jesus

 His love
He heals
His grace
The cross
His mercy
His beauty
His majesty
His wisdom
His patience
His kindness
He is faithful
He knows me
His protection
His gentleness
He rescues me
He died for me
He inspires me
He is my refuge
He listens to me
He comforts me
His Compassion
He ransomed me
He redeemed me
He has gifted me
He first loved me
He is always near
He reconciled me
He understands me
He will come again
He paid for my sins
He covered my sins
His strength is perfect
He is a shield about me
He has made me His own
His sacrifice on my behalf
He has paid my debt in full
He’s taught me how to pray
He loves me unconditionally
I can cast all my cares upon Him
Jesus died to spend eternity with me &  you

A joyous and blessed Chrsitmas to all!


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