Epiphany Worship Planning

Epiphany Worship Planning

Epiphany is one of the hardest worship services to choose contemporary music for.  The reason for this is twofold.  First, there isn’t a lot of good contemporary music for Epiphany available to choose from.  And second, your band will have very little time to rehearse due to the busyness of the Christmas / New Year’s Holiday’s.  I have learned through the years to find one or two good Epiphany songs and reuse them year after year.  The two that I like are “Offering” by Paul Baloche and “Joy has Dawned” by Keith Getty.

We supplement these songs with other familiar songs that are suited to the Epiphany theme; this year we are using “Light One Candle” by Natalie Sleeth (BOB #145) and “Shine Jesus Shine” by Graham Kendrick (BOB #204).  I am also hoping that our keyboard player can solo “Winter Snow” by Audrey Assad & Chris Tomlin as pre service music.

You can hear “Offering” here:

You can learn to play it here:

You can hear “Joy has Dawned” and read the lyrics here (click on the song title “Joy has Dawned Upon the World”):

http://gettymusic.com/hymns.aspx?title=joy has dawned

“Winter Snow” uses a lot of metaphors to describe how Jesus came into the world.  You can see it performed here:


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