The Tug

The Tug

Mary and Joseph felt a tug,
And so they went with reverent fear.
To the city of David
For the Messiah’s birth was near.
The lowly shepherds felt the tug,
And their wonder just would not yield.
For they saw a heavenly vision,
Whilst abiding in the field.
The wise men also felt a tug,
And so they journeyed afar.
To the little town of Bethlehem,
With guidance from a star.
And through the ages we too can feel this tug,
It’s God our Savior beckoning from heaven above.
Still speaking, still leading, still healing, still listening,
God sent to earth; once in the form of a beautiful dove.

-by Steve & Bob Brown

Our song selections for our next blended service scheduled for Feb 13 (Epiphany 6) are as follows:

Pre-Service – “Beautiful One” by Tim Hughes*
Opening Song – “Speak, O Lord” by Keith Getty (CWS 735)
Absolution Response – “Te Deum” Marty Haugen (GIA)
Psalm of the Day – Ps 119a with “As the Deer” (BOB 12)
Hymn of the Day – ” Speak, O Savior; I Am Listening” by Anna Sophia (CW 283)
Offertory – “You Are God Alone” by Billy & Cindy Foote*
Closing Song – “More Love, More Power” by Jude Del Hierro (BOB 159)

* Band Only