My Savior, My God

My Savior, My God!

That phrase appears twice in Psalm 42 and once in Psalm 43 and its also the title of the piece that we are working on to use sometime during the Season of Easter. I am particularly excited about this occasion because we will have a guest keyboard player in our band, an up and coming 14 year old girl in the congregation who will be confirmed this Spring. We have yet another confirmand that wants to join the band as a singer and we currently also have a guitarist who was confirmed three or four years ago.  Seeing these teens wanting to serve in worship is a blessing from our Father above.

The phrase in the Psalm is as follows:

Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.The Psalm writer must like the phrase, to use it three times, perhaps it was meant as a chorus and that’s exactly what Aaron Shust has done to this made-over hymn. You can watch him play it here, and guitarists take note, you can also learn the intro solos by watching closely.

Listen by clicking here:

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