Some Slash D Chords

Some Slash D Chords

Oftentimes in the key of D, you will come across a variety of “slash D” chords.  Here’s a sweet way to play a few of them:

E/D      xx0454
F/D      xx0565
G/D     xx0787
D          xx0 11 10 10

You will note that the first three chords are the open D chord shape played up the neck (recall the “CAGED” system theory).  The open D note contrasted against the higher chord notes makes for a nice sound.  You might even try using these even if the slash is not called for.

TIP – These smaller chords up on the neck are vitally important if your band has more than one rhythm guitarist because typically both guitarists will be stepping on each other’s feet by playing the same chords, in the same fret positions which can result in a muddy sound.  Using these chords up the neck will raise your pitch above your colleague’s playing and will allow for a better overall sound.

Next month we will look at similar slash A chords.

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