The Nine Chord

The Nine Chord

The nine chords have a real funky sound when strummed with a quick up/down motion.  You can memorize all the 9 chords by just knowing one finger pattern because they are almost always used in barred positions.  The formula for the nine chord is 1-3-5-b7-9.  Here are the finger patterns using the root at the fifth string:

Bb9 – x10111
B9 – x21222
C9 – x32333
Db9 – x43444
D9 – x54555
Eb9 – x65666
E9 – x76777
F9 – x87888
F#9 – x98999
G9 – x10-9-10-10-10
Ab9 – x11-10-11-11-11
A9 – x12-11-12-12-12

A photo of the fingering is shown below:

It’s a great chord to know because it uses five unique notes per chord, played with five strings, so there is no duplication. 

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Our Set List for blended worship on August 14 (Pentecost 9):

Pre-Service:                 “A Mighty Fortress” by Christy Nockles
Opening Song:            “Holy Spirit” by Keith and Kristin Getty
Response to the Forgiveness of Sins: Te Deum (GIA)
Psalm of the Day:       Psalm 18 with “A Shield About Me” (BOB 2)
HOTD:                        “Your Kingdom, O God” by David Rogner (CWS 755)
Offertory:                    “Lord of All” by Kristin Stanfill
Closing Song:              “Peace Be Yours” by Blair A’Hearn (BOB 183)