Pastors are tough; yet tender,
Meek and might, all bundled together.

They walk by faith and not by sight,
Oftentimes working all day and into the night.

Courageous and with zeal,
A theological backbone of case hardened steel.

Intellect and humility,
Expected to exhibit the utmost in civility.

A living epistle; on display to all,
We measure their lives comparing them to Paul.

Relational warmth and rigors of study,
Molded by God as if made of putty.

A sense of humor and a seriousness of his calling,
Not afraid to take a risk and always avoids stalling.

A prayer warrior at heart,
Ready to help when the flock drifts apart.

Their first love is Christ and then their people,
Their Garden of Eden; gathering right there under the steeple.

Steve Brown ©2011