Climbing the D Scale with Chords

Climbing the D Scale with Chords

Guitar Level: Intermediate 

Here’s some alternative ways to play some interesting sounding chords in the key of D (two sharps) that employ the use of triads and a D as the base note for each chord.  This is actually called a “pedal tone” in musical lingo and it can produce some really nice sound effects.  Try strumming these chords, finger picking them, or individual note arpeggios for different sounds. 

D Scale:
D E F# G A B C# D

Typical Chords used in the key of D:
D, Em, F#m, G, A, Bm, C#dim

Pedal Tones:
D                     xx0232
Em/D               xx0453
F#m/D             xx0675
G/D                 xx0787
A/D                 xx0-9-10-9
Bm/D              xx0-11-12-10
C#dim/D         xx0-12-14-12
D                     xx0-14-15-14

Try these chords the next time that you are accompanying a song in the key of D, even if the /D is not called for, and especially if you have two guitarists and the other player is covering the common chords.