Interviewing a New Candidate for the Praise Band

Interviewing a New Candidate for the Praise Band

We ask:                       Do you practice your instrument on a regular basis?
We should ask:            Are you committed to God and to a life of worship?

We ask:                       Do you have any band playing experience?
We should ask:            Can you control your temperament?

We ask:                       How long have you been a member here?
We should ask:            Are your children and your spouse all believers?

We ask:                       Are you dependable?
We should ask:            Are you loyal?

We ask:                       Do you know your scales?
                                    Can you read music?
                                    How long have you been playing?
                                    How is your sense of timing?
                                    Do you practice with a metronome?
                                    Can you play improvisation solos?
                                    Can you transpose on the fly?
                                    Are you bothered by syncopation?
                                    Can you play to chord sheets, lead sheets and full musical scores?
                                    Do you know the difference between cut time and 2/4 time?
                                    How about between ¾ and 6/8 time?
                                    Can you sight read?
                                    Are you sensitive to dynamics?
                                    What’s more important to you; the lyrics or the beat?
                                    Can you work with the Pastor?
                                    Are you a tenor voice?
                                    Have you ever played to a click track?
                                    Who do you listen to in your leisure time?
                                    Do you write your own music?
                                    Play something for me from memory.
                                    Do you know David’s secret chord that pleased the Lord?

We should ask:            Do you know and read the scriptures regularly?

The essential qualities are spiritual qualities and not necessarily artistic or technical qualities.  These latter two will help, but the spiritual qualities are a must have.  I don’t mean to downplay musical abilities; these are of vital importance; let’s just not forget that we are interviewing people to lead God’s people in worship and not to entertain.  Both require musical perfection as close as we can get it, but only one requires spiritual qualities.

 Notice what comes first in the following scripture passage; “heart” or “skillful hands”:

 “And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.” – Ps 78:72

Speaking of David, I’ll take this as the correct answer for the secret chord that pleased the Lord: “Well it goes like this; the forth the fifth, the minor fall and the major lift”

Scripture taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version, Copyright© 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society.  Used by permission of International Bible Society


2 thoughts on “Interviewing a New Candidate for the Praise Band”

  1. Great thoughts, this is an area I have a lot of experience and far too often learned the hard way. I have mostly worked with young musicians who are not always the most skilled or the most spiritual. I agree completely that we need high standards, but if we set them too high most churches will never put a band together simply because they don’t have talented, deeply spiritual people lining up to join the band. To me your list was most helpful because it is a concise list of the kinds of qualities I want our worship musicians to possess. Almost always we have to go through a training process to get people close to this stage which requires non worship jam sessions, disciple training, and then if that goes well an intern process in worship. It is also important to get into a mindset as musicians and worship leaders that we are life long learners. It is too easy to grow stagnant musically and spiritually.


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