Try a Little Variety!

Try a Little Variety!

Do you use the same singing routine week after week? 

  • If you use only hymns – try a few contemporary pieces.
  • If you use only contemporary songs – try a few hymns.
  • Try singing a familiar congregational song acapella.
  • Try a “call-and-response” type song.
  • Ask a few talented singers in the pews to sing in parts during a congregational song.
  • Break up a multi-versed hymn with an instrumental interlude.
  • If you always use acoustic guitars, try an electric guitar.
  • Try singing along to a music video that has projected lyrics.
  • Try a song that includes a spoken part of scripture.
  • How about writing a unique song for your congregation to sing, whose lyrics are suited to your unique situation in God’s kingdom?
  • Accompany a hymn with the piano or keyboards instead of the organ or vice versa depending on your norm.
  • Guitarist, there is probably more than a delay pedal on your pedal board!
  • Keyboard players, you have more than an “electric piano” sound; try adding some strings or brass!
  • Limited on musicians?  Try MIDI, a drum loop or some backing tracks.
  • Be daring, have someone tap a tambourine in time with a hymn.
  • Try some dynamics, ask the congregation to sing the verses in a quiet voice but to belt out the chorus.

 God has given us so much variety to enjoy in our lives; He is the author of creativity:

Look at the dazzling array of colors.
Look at all the types of animals, fish, insects and birds.
Look at the beautiful flowers, trees, nuts, plants, fruits and vegetables.
Look at all the different cultures, languages and people in the world.
Look at all the differently shaped snowflakes.  They are infinite.
Look at all the different fingerprint designs.  They are also infinite.
Look among a sea of faces.  Each one is unique.
Look at all the stars, planets, moons and galaxies in the universe.
Look at the four seasons.

Doesn’t He deserve a bit of our own creativity and diversity (which He gave us) in our worship towards him?

Just do it.  He has already seen to it that the musical variety is out there and readily available through the Web.  You probably have the talented people who can pull this off; He has seen to that as well.  You have the diversity in your membership; again, thanks to Him.  So enjoy it and marvel in Him who has blessed you with endless creativity and variety.

Variety is one of the best ways that I know of to prevent worship leader burnout.


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