Magic with the SUS4 Chord

Magic with the SUS4 Chord

A suspended 4 chord (sus4) is formed by taking a major chord and replacing the third with a forth.  The formula is therefore 1,4,5.

There’s a really neat trick to play these.  We will use the F chord as an example but the pattern is easily moved up the neck to form all the other chords which will be shown later.

The trick involves using only a triad and adding just one finger to change the chord from the major to the sus4.

Here’s the example using the F major chord:

Play the major F triad as follows:

Your third finger should be on the root F note (forth string, third fret).
Your second finger should be on the A note (third string, second fret).
Your first finger should be on the C note (second string, first fret).

Just strike the three strings that are covered by your fingers.  It should sound like a nice crisp F chord.

Next use your pinky to cover the third string third fret.  This changes the A note to a Bb which changes the third into a forth.

Practice changing quickly from the F to the Fsus4 by just adding that pinky.  Keep the other fingers in place behind it.  Just play those three covered strings and keep practicing the change:
|| F / / / | Fsus4 / / / | F / / / | Fsus4 / / / | F / / / | Fsus4 / / / | F / / / ||

Play it as quickly and evenly as you can.

Now that you’ve got that down, move it up the neck to play all the other chords.  Here’s the fret patterns:

F to Fsus4:      xx321x   to  xx331x
F# to F#sus4:  xx432x   to  xx442x
G to Gsus4:     xx543x   to  xx553x
Ab to Absus4: xx654x   to  xx664x
A to Asus4:     xx765x   to  xx775x
Bb to Bbsus4: xx876x   to  xx886x
B to Bsus4:     xx987x   to  xx997x
C to Csus4:     xx10-9-8x   to  xx10-10-8x
Db to Dbsus4: xx11-10-9x   to  xx11-11-9x
D to Dsus4:     xx12-11-10x   to  xx12-12-10x
Eb to Ebsus4:  xx13-12-11x   to  xx13-13-11x
E to Esus4:      xx14-13-12x   to  xx14-14-12x

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