You Matter to Jesus

You matter to Jesus.

He knows you. By name. Every little thing about you.
He loves you.
He listens to you. Better than anyone else.
He values you. Enough to die for you.
He desires to be with you. Forever.
He gave His life for you.

Jesus, true God and true man, was a warm relational person. This is how he acted toward people:

  • met them where they were
  • was compassionate
  • acted out of an explicit moral context but was never condemning
  • spoke with authority
  • invited choice
  • asked probing questions
  • affirmed faith responses
  • was scandalously inclusive
  • dealt with each person uniquely and individually
  • related in a manner that affirmed people’s value
  • was never coercive or manipulative
  • spoke in ordinary language
  • didn’t minimize the costs of discipleship
  • dealt at the level of motivation, not just behavior
  • preferred dialogue over monologue
  • respected, but wasn’t limited by, cultural norms
  • demonstrated a holistic respect for the close relationship of body and soul
  • never allowed his own needs to get in the way of meeting the needs of others
  • challenged people never to settle for less than God’s best for them
  • gave in proportion to receptivity and spiritual hunger
  • invited engagement, not passive receptivity
  • gave what people needed, not what they asked for
  • identified embedded spiritual issues
  • allowed people to ignore or reject his help
  • gave himself, not just advice
  • accepted the trust people placed in him

Source of bulletized list:
Benner, David G. Care of Souls: Revisioning Christian Nurture and Counsel. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 1998, 27 – 28