Is Music Your God?

Is Music Your God?

If you can’t worship apart from a particular song, style, leader, or sound – it’s become an idol.
If you insist on guitar-driven music – it’s become an idol.
If you insist on the organ – it’s become an idol.
If your church offers one musically-blended service a month, and you conveniently skip that Sunday – it’s become an idol.
If you split a church over style – it’s become a very serious and sinister idol.

This does not mean that there are not inappropriate styles in a given culture/context. But being sensitive and discerning is different from being unable to worship God at all.

That person who conveniently skips church on contemporary Sundays (or vice versa) could love their brand of music more than their savior. That’s the issue here and that’s THE definition of an idol.

Be watchful!