Father, Help Us to Worship

Father, Help Us to Worship

What Happens to Some Musicians in Worship

– Musicians need to have a servant attitude in worship

– Musicians try to follow and participate in all the worship going on during the service, but they are also looking ahead to the next musical piece

– Musicians can not sit with their families in worship

– Musicians can not approach the Lord’s table with their confirmed family members.

– Musicians have a bulletin, song sheets, page turns, capos, music stands, mics, picks, cables, tuners, foot pedals and other kinds of brick-a-brack that were designed to make noise. We have to be mindful of these in worship so as not to create an unwanted sound or scene.

– Musicians are in church to worship first and foremost, but they also have a job to do

The bottom line is that musicians make a sacrifice and give up pieces of the worship experience, but their reward is that special feeling they get when they are playing the accompaniment. This experience is from God and the indwelling of the Spirit. It can not be described in words but most musicians will know exactly what I mean. And yes, it is worth it! Also, the above list is not a list of complaints. Rather, the list is offered so that new musicians can be aware and current musicians can know that they are not alone. And finally, I would not give up my position on the worship team for anything because I have come to realize that God has prepared me for this role and that He has given me all the gifts that I need to glorify Him.

These sacrifices are no different than what ushers do, and any other task in the church that occurs during worship; and the reason we serve is gospel motivation. These works of service in the end help to build the body of Christ.

So worshippers, and especially musicians, take heart and behold, for there is a Counselor, there is a Comforter, there is One who Sanctifies and there is a Helper present in worship – He is the very Spirit of God. And He brings the power of God into your life.

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord. (Psalm 31:24)


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  1. Steve, Very nice article! Can I have your permission to reprint it in our church’s newsletter? We have been blessed with many excellent and quality musicians at Epiphany. I would like to share your article with our members so that they can better appreciate the sacrifices our musicians make to beautify Epiphany’s worship.

    In Christ, Pastor Zarling


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