Choosing Contemporary Music for a Mission Festival Sunday

Choosing Contemporary Music for a Mission Festival Sunday

These are all great songs which focus on Missions and/or Outreach: 

Song Title & Artist Writer ScriptureReferences Available at*: Songbook
We Speak to Nations Israel Houghton Rev 5:14
Here I Am Lord Dan Schutte Isa 6:8
Mt 5:14-16
Ps 139:24
BOB #86 
God of This City Bluetree
(A. McCann, A. Boyd, I. Jordan, P. Comfort, P. Kernaghan & R. Bleakley)
Ps 18:28
Ps 47:7
Jn 5:20
Col 1:27
Eph 2:14
Rev 15:3-4
“How Shall They Hear,” Who Have Not Heard   Isa 6:1-5
Mt 28:18-20
Lk 15
Jn 14:17, 15:26, 16:13
Rom 10:12, 14-15
2 Cor 5:11-21 CWS 778
Now Let Us All in Hymns of Praise   Deut 11:7
1 Sam 12:24
Job 19:25-27, 37:5
Ps 17:15, 71:19, 126:2-3
Joel 2:20-21
1Cor 3:6-8, 13:12
Heb 11
1 Jn 3:2
Rev 22:4 CWS 777
Bring Forth the Kingdom Marty Haugen   http://www.sheetmusicplus.com  BOB #27 
Shout to the North Martin Smith
2 Cor 12:9-10
2 Ki 19:15
Isa 43:2, 61:1, 40:31  BOB #197
People Need the Lord Greg Nelson & Phil McHugh Mt 28:19
Jn 4:35
Ps 40:17 LAPPY #245
Come, People of the Risen King (Hear O Israel) Keith Getty,
Kristyn Getty,
Stuart Townend
Rev 22:16
Php 4:4 
O Church, Arise Keith Getty,
Stuart Townend
Eph 6:10-18
Ps 44:6-8
Heb 12:1-3
Eph 1:18-23
Rom 8:36-38
Php 3:13-15 
By Faith Keith Getty,
Kristyn Getty,
Stuart Townend
2 Cor 5:7
Mt 19:26
Mk 10:27
Heb 12:1-2, 11
Mk 16:15 
Hear the Call of the Kingdom Keith Getty,
Kristyn Getty,
Stuart Townend
Acts 13:47
Mt 5:16
Ex 15:2 
All Around the World Keith Getty,
Kristyn Getty,
Fionan De Barre  

* I have just listed a few places to purchase the music.  There are many other websites as well, so feel free to shop around or to use your favorite music supplier.

I would especially like to draw your attention to the song “We Speak to Nations.”  In the past, we have used a sing-along style video of this piece created by Integrity worship.  This is a phenomenal arrangement of the song with inspirational graphics, lyrics and the full band accompaniment.  Your church will love it. 

You can watch it here:

You can buy it here: