God Of The Universe

God Of The Universe

There’s a God of the universe who knows my name.
He guides me and loves me despite my lack of fame.
I sin and I sin, refusing to let Him in.
He gives and forgives, even removes all my sins.
And yet, my faith can fit on the tip of a pin.

The sun, the moon, the stars and this beautiful earth,
Imagine, He gave this huge world it’s wondrous birth.

From Him there is wisdom, guidance and heartfelt love,
Reaching to me with many blessings from above.
His fathomless grace and mercy to me abound,
In Him is great strength; look!, it’s waiting to be found.
How great is His love, I say His name is renowned.

There is a God of the universe. Only one.
Father, Spirit, Son. That’s right. Three in One.