Thinking of Heaven

Thinking of Heaven

I know very little of what heaven will be like, only what I’ve gleaned from scripture, heard in sermons, studied in bible class and read in papers. At some point, haven’t we all pondered this information in our hearts? This is what’s on my heart and I am sure that it’s not even a ghost-like representation of what heaven is really like.

In heaven you will shine with reflected glory
You will hear music like never before
You will see colors too beautiful to describe
You will trod and dance all over sacred ground

You will see that there is only one divine physician
He knows the timetable for each of our life’s
You will feel love that cannot be measured by the earth’s standards
You will live your eternal reward which was given to you purely as a gift called grace

The presence of grace will be continuously and copiously evident
You will feel safe and warm all over
The wounded healer will have healed all the wounded
You will feel the savior’s warmth and His mighty intimate touch

Peace and contentment will cover your face
You will have spiritual eyes and ears
You will hear “well done, good and faithful servant”
Your long departed loved ones will be waiting for you

You will gaze upon leagues of angels
You will peer into Jesus’ eyes and see God smile back at you
Your place in heaven will be for you and you alone,
because it was prepared for you and you were made for it,
made for it stitch by stitch as a finely custom tailored shirt.

Ever increasing and deepening joy, knowledge and delight
All that is impure, all that is weak, all that is imperfect, and that is wrong will be removed
No more sin, no more distractions, no more tiredness, no more dullness of heart, no more impure motives, no more doubt, no more envy, no more hidden agendas, no more sorrow and no more evil.

Nothing can enter heaven which is not real; nothing erroneous, nothing mistaken, nothing conceited, nothing hollow, nothing pretentious, nothing disturbing and nothing insubstantial can be smuggled through those gates.
Just God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit and blissful, heavenly, worship and a humungous body of true believers.

John the Baptist, John the Revelater, Paul and Silas, Jonah, Elijah, King David, the man who was healed at the pool in Bethesda, the jailor in Philippi, Matthew, Mark, Luke, Abraham, Moses, Aaron, Kenaniah will probably be playing music, the thief on the cross, Isaiah, Ezekiel, the Prodigal Son, Enoch, Daniel, Noah, Esther, Stephen the Martyr, Timothy, Titus, James, the Marys, Job and many more, they are all real people, they are there; perhaps you talk with one of them.

No more pain, every tear will be wiped from your eyes and you’ll be filled with joy, peace and harmony.
But the ultimate joy is to see the face of the lamb.
The face that not even the sinless Seraphim could look at.
Can you imagine that?
We have only seen,
We have only heard,
The faintest whisper of how great God is and how great heaven will be.


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