In the beginning, God Created…

It’s a New Year. I should read the bible, cover to cover.

In the beginning, God created…
Ahhh, the first five words of the bible.
And we are in deep trouble with some people already.
“What beginning?” Yes, there was a beginning to the universe.
“What God?” Yes, there is an almighty.
“Created?” Yes, the world was created by God.

You have to love this about God. No beating around the bush. He tells it like it is.
Bold opposition to any theory of cosmology
Bold opposition to any theory of evolution
Bold opposition to a godless universe
Bold opposition to an eternal universe
Bold opposition to any Big Bang theory
Bold opposition to any other God or deity
And scripture has barely started to be revealed
God hasn’t even cleared his enormous throat yet
And most of the world is in opposition
Against the ropes
In a defensive posture already

In the beginning, God created…
The advent of the universe in time and space is being described here
Not a beginning to God
A beginning to his gigantic creation
The universe had a beginning
God never had a beginning
Infinite with respect to space
Eternal with respect to time
His existence has no start or end time
The dimensions of His existence are everlasting to everlasting
He always has been
He always will be

Now on to the next five words in Genesis!

– based on the writings of R.C. Sproul and Moses

God wrote a love letter to you, it’s called the bible. Read it lately?


One thought on “In the beginning, God Created…”

  1. Very nice. Nor does God try to explain the Spirit hovering over the waters, the phrase “Let us make man in our image,” or how God spoke the Word which was really His Son (John 1). God does not explain the mystery of the Trinity. He just presents it as fact and expects us to believe it.


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