The Smart Phone

Day by day, nothing changes. But when you look back, everything has changed. This is the case with how smart phones have completely changed the culture around us.
Ever wonder what would happen if we treated our Bibles as we treat our cell phones?
✔What if we carried our bibles with us everywhere; in our purses, pockets, handbags and backpacks?
✔What if we flipped through it several times an hour?
✔What if we could not keep our hands off it?
✔What if our fingerprints were all over it?
✔What if our kids thumbprints were all over it?
✔What if we turned back to get it when we forgot it on the nightstand?
✔What if we used it to receive messages from the text instead of the other way around?
✔What if we treated it like we could not live without it?
✔What if we gave it to our kids as a gift?
✔What if we used it when we traveled?
✔What if we used it in case of an emergency?
✔What if it made us feel safe?
✔What if our employers furnished us with bibles instead of phones?
✔What if it revolutionized how we communicate and how we do business?
✔What if we talked to God (prayed) even 1/10th as often as we text or talk on the cell phone?
✔We would value our bibles so much that we’d buy protective covers for it.
✔We would consider buying extended warranties for our bibles.
✔If misplaced, we would say “wait a minute, nobody move, where is my bible?”
✔No more dropped calls!
✔No more overage charges because Jesus has already paid the bill in full!
✔No more yearning for the latest model!
The potential?
♥ We could all be saved
♥ We would all be loved
♥ Eternal life

One thought on “The Smart Phone”

  1. Good post, Steve.

    On the positive side, I find myself using my Bible app on my smartphone more an more.

    Pastor Scott


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