I Enjoy the Music of Chris Tomlin

I am a traditional, confessional Lutheran and I enjoy contemporary Christian music.
Yes, somehow God twisted these two traits together in me.

I recently heard an interview with Chris Tomlin where He was asked where the lyric “let the saving love of Christ be the measure of our lives” came from. He responded,”I really don’t talk like that, so I figure the lyric didn’t come from me, it came through me.” And that, right there, is why Chris Tomlin is great!

In God you come up against something which is in every respect immeasurably superior to yourself. Unless you know God as that, and, therefore know yourself as nothing in comparison – you don’t know God at all.” – C S Lewis

I also like…
Matt Maher and Charlie Hall.
Isaac Watts and Martin Luther.
Aaron Shust and Lincoln Brewster.
Bach and Marty Haugen.
The Casting Crowns and MercyMe.
Michael Joncas and Charles Wesley.
Paul Baloche and Brenton Brown.
Fanny Crosby and William Dudley-Smith.
Delirious? and Steven Curtis Chapman.
Rusty Edwards and Paul Gerhardt
Leland and Tenth Avenue North.
Frances Havergal and John Neale.
The Newsboys and Jeremy Camp.
John Newton and Martin Rinkart.
FEE and FFH.

Joseph Scriven and Jaroslav Vajda
Michael Schroeder and Michael W. Smith.
Bernard of Cluny and William Cowper.
Stuart Townend, Keith and Kristin Getty
John Wesley and Augustus Toplady.
Koine’ and the Branches Band.
James Montgomery and Bernard of Clairvaux
Phillips, Craig and Dean.
Horatius Bonar and Catherine Winkworth
Jason Gray and Josh Wilson.
Martin Franzmann and Stuart Hine
Fernando Ortega and Caedmon’s Call.
The Venerable Bede and Thomas Ken
David Crowder and Matt Redman.
Edward Mote and Theodulph of Orleans
Vicky Beeching and Robbie Saey.
William Dix and and Phillips Brooks
Bebo Norman and Jadon Lavik.
Michael Westendorf and the Crosswalk Band.

They have all been gifted by God.
They all bring glory to His name.
They all help me to worship.
They all put incredible words, phrases and thoughts in my mouth and in my heart.
They are all inspired by the Holy Spirit.
I may not agree with all of their teachings, but I can rejoice and sing the songs that are in alignment with scripture and what I hold to be true. Of which there are lots.

“In scripture we read that we are to sing a new song to the Lord, it’s telling us that every generation needs to write it’s own music. If a time ever comes when the younger generation isn’t writing praises to the Lord, Christianity is dead.” – Robert J. Morgan, “Near to the Heart of God – Meditations on 366 Best Loved Hymns.”

This is not a complete list. Not for the hymn artists or the “new song” artists!



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