Contemporary Christian Music As Outreach!

Contemporary Christian Music As Outreach!

God hasn’t been on the charts for awhile!
Chris Tomlin’s latest release titled “Burning Lights” has made it onto the Pop billboard charts, so did “The Altar and the Door” by the Casting Crowns. Singers like Chris Tomlin are filling stadiums of 30,000 souls, even in places like Sri Lanka and the Ukraine. TV’s popular singing competition shows like “American Idol” and “The Voice” draw leagues of singers from within the church. Colton Dixon, Mandisa, Danny Gokey, Chris Sleigh, Cristabel Clack, Angela Miller, Jason Castro; the list goes on and on and on. The show has even aired the singing of “Shout to the Lord” on two occasions to the tens of millions who watch. The band known as “Third Day” appeared on the Jay Leno show. Make no mistake, this is all an incredible outreach opportunity because Christianity works best when it’s shared beyond the walls of the church. God’s word is being shared through music as a result of Contemporary Christian music. Ancient truths are being told to new people!

We are a city on a hill!
Contemporary Christian music gives us a voice in the media, in entertainment and culture. We are not meant to hide away. We are meant to be leaders, beacons and lampstands. It appears that we are heading towards a time when the walls separating Christian music and secular music will fall. It is in fact already starting to happen and yes, it is exciting.

As much as I like hymns, these will probably never get this type of extensive exposure into the unchurched world. They can adorn our worship, they can edify those in the church, they are God pleasing, they are wonderful, they are time tested, they are the songs that I want sung at my funeral; and they might reach a few through our earnest outreach efforts, but they probably can’t get the exposure that Contemporary music is garnering. If we only ever play the music before Christians, how will the word make it’s way to the masses?

But contemporary songs are inferior!
The lyrics are simpler, they do not cover the broad range of scripture as hymns do, they have not been tested over time and they have many problems, concerns and issues. They are here today but might not last until tomorrow. And yet, they have a place in the kingdom! They are serving a purpose. God is using this form of music to spread his word and his life saving gospel lesson throughout the unchurched world.

A Powerful interchange!
“The most powerful interchange is when God disregards the style of music you are crafting and starts to play on your heart strings as well.” – Kevin Prosch.



9 thoughts on “Contemporary Christian Music As Outreach!”

  1. One way I have tried to explain my belief about the variety of hymns and songs over the centuries is to talk about a wooded scene with trees and flowers. The trees represent the hymns and songs that have stood the test of time over decades and centuries. The flowers are those beautiful hymns and songs that were great, but after a while they disappeared and made room for newer hymns and songs.

    Unfortunately, right next to all those trees and flowers are also weeds. These are the songs that creep in that have theological problems. For some people, instead of just pulling the weeds, it is much easier and faster to just come in with a big mower and cut them all down. This is those people criticize all contemporary music.

    The problem with that is in and amongst those flowers and weeds are also baby trees that are just beginning to grow. These are the hymns and contemporary songs being written today that some day may grow into our new favorites that span the generations. Help save the baby trees.


  2. And of course I would respond to this post! 😉

    You do wonderful work! I’m praying that God uses you as a tool in our Synod to keep us focused Heavenward with our worship rather than toward our own comfort zones and preferences.


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