Why We Like Music

Why We Like Music

God touches us through music.
Music is more than entertainment.
Music is more than artistic expression.
Music is prayer.
is spiritual connection.
is worship.
is compelling.
is convicting.
is biblical.
is emotional.
is popular.
is enduring.
is reflective.
is anthemic.
is inventive.
Music was created by God.
Music is sonorous.
is harmonious.
is pleasing to the ear.
is uplifting.
Music grabs our attention.
Music is rhythmic poetry.
Music makes us want to dance.
Music inspires.
Music is powerful.
is wonderful.
is delightful.
is heavenly.
is magnificent.
is unforgettable.
is unstoppable.
is gripping.
is innovation.
is prolific.
is memorable.
is influential.
is timeless.
is essential.
is a priority.
Music soothes the soul.
Music stimulates.
Music motivates.
Music inspires us to create.
Music is heart and soul.
Music brings tears to my eyes.
Music invites participation.
Music gives people a chance to express what words cannot.
Music is a powerful unified prayer.
Music helps us enjoy our time together as we worship God.

Music does not usher people into God’s presence.
Music can be an idol.
Music does not draw people to God.
Music does not unite us.
Music does not define us.

I do love music.
I play music.
I play stringed instruments.
Music is a part of me.
My spirit comes out through my music.
But, I’ve saved the best notes, chords, rhythms and riffs for God!


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