Sender, Sent, Sending

Sender, Sent, Sending

God the Father…
God the Son…
God the Spirit…

God is a relationship: Father, Son and Spirit.

God the Father is the sender
He sent Jesus

Jesus is the “sent”
Born of flesh into this beautiful world

The Holy Spirit has also been sent, but is now sending
He is sending you into this wonderful world
You are not ordinary
You are extraordinary
Because the Spirit is in you
That’s your call
That’s your mission
You are now sent.
Sent to do God’s will
Sent to do God’s work
Sent to speak the words of the sender

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing – you were sent there!


One thought on “Sender, Sent, Sending”

  1. Micah Schmidt here. I’m an LCMS seminary student, who follows your blog. Good stuff!

    I love the German word for missionary: Sendling, or in English… sendling. Ach, if only, this word didn’t sound silly!


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