Where is Your Faith?

Where is Your Faith?

Some say, “I will believe it when I see it!”  Such a lack of faith.

So where is your Faith?

Mine is tiny.  No bigger than a mustard seed.  But Jesus says it is enough to move mountains.  Mountains!  It’s not the amount that’s important, it’s the focus.  The mustard seed is enough, so take a step of faith and believe that much.

What is your mountain that needs to be moved?  A mountainous schedule? Mountainous debt? Mountainous grief?  A job layoff?  Divorce?  Pain? Suffering?  Brokenness? Sickness? Addictions?  Welcome to the club.  You are not alone.  You’re never alone.  You can still have this minuscule mustard seed of faith to move those mountains.  It is enough!

Faith exists!
Faith is real!
Faith is powerful!
Faith is the thread of fabric that holds your life together!
Faith sees things from a different perspective.
Faith deals with things unseen, things that are not obvious.
Faith is a living thing.
Faith is acting on your beliefs.
Faith has a certitude about it that brings comfort and calmness to your heart.
Faith trusts that God is at work.
Faith is voiced through praise.
Faith trusts God in the dark and knows that there is no darkness that the Father’s love cannot penetrate.
Faith trusts God above reason and circumstances.
Faith trusts that God knows what is best for you.
Faith is more than just believing in God. It’s about trusting in Him, even when there is no evidence that you should.

It is faith that carries us through the storms of life.
It is faith that causes us to know we can do it!
It is faith that stirs us to get up and try again..

God put faith into you.  He is taking your faith somewhere exciting.  Places you never knew it could go.  He is developing faith in you that does not have to rely on touch or sight.  He is perfecting your faith.

By faith we reach God.
By faith we become conscious of God.
By faith we get answers from God.
By faith our problems are resolved.

All this being said, you don’t need more faith.  Remember that mustard seed!  You need more of God and faith will become automatic.