Boston Marathon Memorial
Boston Marathon Memorial

When Mother Teresa died at the age of eighty-seven, she reportedly left behind an estate that consisted of a prayer book and three saris.  That’s it!  Eighty seven years of accumulating!

We pray for silver, but God gives us gold instead – Martin Luther

This may be the only writing you have seen with Martin Luther and Mother Theresa in back to back statements!

Prayer invites God into your world
Prayer is the language of the soul
Prayer is transformative
Prayer is part of your decision making process
Prayer is part of your life
Prayer is a response to God’s promises
Prayer releases God’s power.
Prayer is timeless

Our privilege is not that He will hear us, rather that we will hear Him
Don’t give God instructions, just report for duty!
But God is interested in what you have to say
God understands plain English, and any other language we may speak
He wants to hear us speak from our heart’s, with the use of our own words
He is interested in the tiniest details of your life
He will not interrupt you
He remembers every single one of your prayers
The Lord of History has your undivided attention
The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit all invite you to walk and to talk with them every day

When you pray, God is making a house call
He will keep your talk confidential
Praying, spiritually joins you to a great cloud of witnesses
Your faith will be strengthened through prayer
The responses that you receive are as real as your prayers
Through your consistent prayer, Christ is building a faith in you that you were not expecting
You can never pray too much!

Boston Strong
I recently discovered what gives the people of Boston their strength. It is not in their history, their sports teams, their harbor, their economy, their social status, their water, their myriad of colleges, or their government. The answer lies in the grass roots memorial that marks the event of the Boston marathon bombing that serves as a remembrance, as a place to reflect, as a place to mourn, and as a place to heal.

In the photo above, each ribbon tied to this fence contains a prayer. Tiny heart-felt prayers. Unique prayers written by a passer-byes. Unique prayers drenched in tears from a loved one. Anonymous prayers written by someone who has no ties to the incident; no ties except compassion for those involved. And prayers written by children. Please understand fully that the term “Boston Strong” has its roots in prayer. And for this reason, this memorial is the ultimate memorial. This memorial offers hope. It offers peace. It offers strength. It offers perseverance. It offers answers. It offers a promise and the people of Boston know it.

Someday there will no doubt be a beautiful statue or fountain to mark this spot. It will be a part of Boston’s famed history just like the Tea Party, Paul Revere’s ride, John Hancock’s tombstone, or the Boston Massacre. It will become a stop on the tourist’s trolley line. But for now, the prayers of the people are lovingly and quietly heard at this spot. And the God who so blesses this country has heard these prayers and it is He who will ultimately bring peace and justice.

This memorial is a testament to Boston’s faith, to their strength, to their resolve, to their priorities, and to their great God. Prayer is powerful. And Boston is strong because they derive their strength through an unshakable connection to the Almighty. It is through prayer that the weak become strong. You also can tap into this strength. You can tap into it while visiting this memorial, in your own local church, in your own home, even in your vehicle. You can tap into it wherever you are. That’s the power. God’s the source. He is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. And best of all He is approachable, relational, and loving. He is “Dad.” He is Abba. He is Father.

We stand strongest and tallest on our knees. – Charles Stanley



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  1. Pastor, thanks for sharing this thought on Prayer. We need the power of prayer in our churches, our personal life, and in our country today. It is the last hope that we have to redeem our country.


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