He Touches Hearts!

He Touches Hearts!

“Saul also went to his home in Gibeah, accompanied by valiant men whose hearts God had touched.” – 1 Samuel 10:26

Get that? God touches hearts!

The One with infinite power, authority, wisdom, love, purity and justice; touched sinners.  He touched their hearts!

Most people enjoy a warm touch from a friend.  It is a real connection.  Especially now with friends and family spread out all over the world.  The fact that it involves the heart is even better!

Can you imagine how close God got to these men?  He touched them!  I’m amazed that they were not consumed.  I wonder what the touch felt like.  How it changed their lives?  I wonder if they looked or behaved differently?

I need that touch. The healing touch.  The warmth.  The reassurance.  The bond.  The communion.  The friendship.

Does it happen today?  Is it happening and we don’t even know it?

Lord, touch my heart and make me aware of your propinquity!



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