The Church Musician

Wow! I get to do this?”
That’s what most church musicians feel when it comes to accompanying worship. We have a keen awareness of our role in the body of Christ. David called it “serving the Lord with gladness.” Like Mary with her expensive bottle of perfume, we do our best to pour it all out, in this case our hearts, to our Savior in worship, dedication, admiration, reverence, awe and love.

This is Who We Are
Musicians are a strange bunch. All cut from the same cloth? Aloof. Artistic. Blessed. Caring. Colorful. Confident. Creative. Detail-oriented. Determined. Difficult to understand. Disciplined. Eclectic. Emotional. Energetic. Expressive. Fervent in Spirit. Focused. Genuine. Hard-working. Independent. Inspired. Involved. Kindred Spirits. Loving. Mindful. Ordered. Passionate. Patient. Persistent. Quirky. Real. Self confident. Sensitive. Servants. Spirit-filled. Tenacious. Thin-skinned. Unique. Worshipful.

This is How We Roll
Musicians just think about music – and we can hear and feel it deep inside.
Music is in our soul, it’s in our bones, and it pumps through our veins with a 60 to 100 bpm tempo.
Musicians help worshippers understand and feel the message in the music.
Musicians are simultaneously servants and leaders.
Musicians dance to the beat of a different drum.
Musicians don’t draw lines between traditional and contemporary, or guitar and organ. We understand and support one another in the worthy pursuit of praise.
Musicians have an attachment to music that goes beyond appreciation. It is a labor of love.
Musicians never stop learning their craft.
Musicians are drawn to creativity like moths to a light.
Musicians want to be part of something vibrant, exciting, lively and fresh.
Musicians live outside the box.
Musicians are thankful for who they serve.

“Like family we are tied to each other!” – Billy Joel

Performance vs Service
The most important quality of a church musician is to have a servant’s heart. We are to be servants and not performers. Humility is the heartbeat of the worship leader.

So church musicians are not after the approval of others. We know that God is listening and that His acceptance is freely offered to all who believe.

A performance mentality enslaves us to the opinions of others. A service mentality actually frees us.

A performance mentality pushes us towards perfection as we seek the praise of others. A service mentality allows us to do our best knowing that Christ has already accomplished everything for us.

“When you have a heart to serve and help others – it unlocks something in you.” – Reuben Morgan

Pastors, pray for your musicians. We pray for you!


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  1. Right on. Beautifully written. 60 years in church music ministry, this is a perfect picture of my life for Christ


  2. Very well said. Thank you. Provided a sense of calm just when I was letting myself get bogged down in worry about the busy week ahead.


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