In Revelation 8, after the Seventh Seal is opened we are told, “there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.”

Something is about to happen.
Listen. No noise.
10 minutes click by.
Another 10 minutes gone.
Wait for it!
Yet 10 more minutes.
Here it comes!

What happens next rips the silence wide open.
Peals of thunder,
Flashes of Lightning
And for good measure
An earthquake.

OK. You have my attention.
So now I sit in silence.
Not yet in sleep.
The deep is calling,
Unto the deep.

And across my conscience,
The Lord does prod.
“Be still and know,”
“That I am God.”

Yes!! Here in my silence,
Meditations, live!
In His peace, I sense,
That which the world cannot give.

He’s now my depth,
My width, my length.
In quietness and confidence,
He’s become my strength.
– by Steve & Bob Brown

The above poem was written by Bobby Brown, author of ”Seated Above Looking Below.”

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