How the Traditional Church Does Contemporary Music

How the Traditional Church Does Contemporary Music

1. We do it well. Everyone sings confidently and whole-heartedly, not just the band.
2. We don’t use smoke machines or special lighting, in fact you might not even see the band as they are in the back. They are not the focus.
3. We don’t introduce new songs every week. We teach new songs when needed. We develop a library of great songs that we rely on.
4. We choose songs based on their lyrics; to match the day’s scripture readings, to match the theme of worship, to fit into the church season, or to speak a truth that is timely and needs to be heard and sung.
5. We chose music that is singable for the common worshiper.
6. We chose music that is catchy, relevant, biblical, Christ centered, grace-filled and truthful. We chose music that our worshipers will sing after leaving the church.
7. We don’t put all of our music into a set. Music is strategically used throughout the service to serve a special function and for appropriate responses.
8. We don’t just project lyrics onto a screen because words are hard to sing without the musical notations. We either project lead sheets or provide hard copies including the musical notation. We obey copyright laws because it is sinful to do otherwise.
9. We pray over song selection, so the Holy Spirit has a say in our song choices.
10. We have our Pastors review the song choices and especially the lyrics prior to use.
11. We plan weeks, sometimes months in advance.
12. We pray that you do the same or better as we are still learning.


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  1. This is a fantastic piece. This makes so much sense in incorporating praise music in the service. Thanks, Ellen

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